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Barranco de Masca

From Masca we can find several ravines that flow into the Atlantic Ocean. Gullies can be formed for several reasons, but generally find molded by rivers or by the movement of tectonic plates. In the end what we found is a huge gap from the beginning to the end.

How to get there?

There are different ways to get to Masca, so before we are going to propose different alternatives of how to approach the route and organize the day. Then explain all the elements so you can combine any way you want (although we are going to indicate that we recommend).

The most important thing to consider is that the beach of Masca, the end of the canyon route, simply exit by sea, so we have to organize this part:

Leave your car in Los Gigantes, Masca ride to ascend, descend the canyon, kayak back to Los Giantes there and pick up the car.
Same as above but return by boat from Masca beach, good idea if we think we're going to get tired much downhill.
Any of the above two, but up from Los Gigantes to Masca bus.
Leave your car in Masca, descend the canyon, kayak or boat back to Los Giantes, upload ride to Masca and collect the car (the first option is preferable because then we avoid driving on these roads after all day walking and paddling ).

To reach Masca have to take the TF82, and we come from the north or south to Santiago de Teide. Here we turn to the TF346 right in the village church, and is where the adventure begins. This narrow road where troubles fit two cars full of curves up and down to navigate the convoluted terrain. Therefore we recommend leaving your car in Los Gigantes, arriving by kayak or boat, and from there by taxi or bus up. The good thing is that at the end of the descent of the gully and we get to Los Gigantes waiting car and not have to back up Masca, which takes just over half an hour.