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Garden of La Orotava

The Garden of Orotava Acclimatization Royal Order of Carlos III is created August 17, 1788

"The Botanical Puerto de la Cruz", in northern Tenerife, called Acclimation Garden of La Orotava and so remains today, because formerly the Puerto de la Cruz belonged to the municipality of La Orotava and was known Port of La Orotava.

The Garden has a rich plant heritage, launched in the late eighteenth century. It is not known exactly how old the oldest copies or provenance, but some exceed 150 years: Santo Domingo (American Mammea), some Araucaria or an old copy of Canary Island pine (Pinus canariensis). Highlights include collections of palms, with over 150 different species; also Bromeliads, Cacti or Moraceae; and several species of economic interest, such as camphor, palm oil and ivory, rubber tree, etc. or scientific (Cycads, Ginko, ...) from all continents, in a collection that now exceeds 2500 copies.